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The development history of electronic paper

Publisher: Administrator    Date:2020-08-10

At this year's CES, which new products used e-paper? It will continue to decline soon!
   Google Assistant Connect Project
   After the launch of the Google Assistant service, the number of active devices has exceeded 1 billion, the number of applicable countries has reached 80, and nearly 30 languages can be understood.
  At CES, Google exhibited a conceptual device using an electronic paper display, which can be connected to smart devices at home through wireless communication (such as Bluetooth), allowing the electronic paper to display information such as weather, calendar, or commuting. Electronic paper is expected to become the display interface in AI intelligent systems in the future.

  Nemeio electronic paper keyboard
The Nemeio electronic paper keyboard with the same name created by the largest e-commerce group in France, LDLC, combines electronic paper display technology with a physical keyboard. It can completely customize the display images of all the keys on the keyboard, and switch between different key configurations for different operating needs. The keyboard arrangement and function required for this kind of work situation.
   Due to the use of electronic paper display technology, only a small amount of power will be consumed when switching the display image, while maintaining the physical button design and retaining the feel of the physical button.

   HKUST iFlytek Smart Office Notebook
IFLYTEK, the largest listed voice technology and artificial intelligence company in the Asia-Pacific region, has launched a smart office notebook that uses a 10.3-inch electronic paper display screen and is set in an office environment. It can not only read and write, but also combines IFLYTEK’s speech recognition technology can directly convert speech into text or find the notes you want through a sentence, which is very avant-garde.
   Support PPT, Word, Excel to read the approval. With a thickness of only 7.5mm and a weight of 360g, it covers 80% of the work scene.

  BOOX electronic paper notebook
Guangzhou Aragonite Technology exhibited all mainstream e-paper readers and notebook products from 6 inches to 13.3 inches at the CES venue, such as the 6-inch BOOX Poke Pro, 7.8-inch BOOX Nova, and the 10.3-inch reading and writing BOOX Note series, 13.3-inch BOOX Max2 large screen series.
  There are many new products that have not yet been officially launched. If you are on the scene, please go to Sands Hall, 46252 (2nd floor) before the end of CES!


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