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Application and Prospect of e-ink electronic paper in intelligent packaging

Publisher: Administrator    Date:2020-08-10

Following smart phones, tablets, and smart bracelets, packaging has become an important part of the further development of the Internet and the Internet of Things in the direction of intelligence. Under this trend, the popularization of electronic paper display technology has opened up new product applications and business models based on the Internet of Things.

The combination of intelligent packaging and the Internet can use cloud storage, cloud computing, big data analysis and other technologies to lead goods into intelligent production, and realize automated processes from inspection to tracking to intelligent inspection through real-time information collection, creating New value chain and ecosystem. This model enhances the added value of products by providing personalized demand services, thereby building a new industrial chain business model, which is the general trend of the entire packaging industry.

Even in the unfavorable environment where the current integration cost is still high, which has brought certain restrictions to widespread use, a large number of examples prove that the integration of embedded RFID smart packaging can realize the function of managing and tracking a single product, thereby providing The chain industry brings huge benefits. For this reason, E-InK has developed a set of display modules that monitor time/temperature, and with RFID, it can monitor the environmental temperature changes experienced by products throughout the supply chain. The E-InK display module can provide irreversible records of the product exposure temperature, and display it on the electronic paper screen to realize temperature-sensitive products, such as drugs, vaccines, medical diagnostic kits, blood, blood products and intraocular lenses And other product monitoring. E-InK's time/temperature monitoring and display module can provide real-time warning information without additional reading machines, without consuming any power when displaying the screen, and it is still clear and readable in the sun.

Application and Prospect of E-InK Electronic Paper in Smart Packaging

E-InK monitor module of time/temperature

In addition, with the continuous advancement of the aging process and the increase in the number of small families, portable lifestyle consumption and smart home medical care have also allowed paper packaging industry companies to gradually develop from traditional manufacturing enterprises to the "Internet +" direction and develop enterprises. Transformation, all the way to the O2O model. Freedonia, a well-known American market research institute, recently published a research report entitled "Activity and Intelligent Packaging", and pointed out that it is estimated that the market value of American intelligent packaging will reach 3.5 billion US dollars in 2017. In the next 3 years, its compound annual growth rate will be 8%.

In this regard, E-InK has also launched an intelligent pill box electronic paper display module, which can be used for medication reminders and automated medication record management. E-InK's electronic paper display module can display the last medication time record on the pill box, and automatically prompt the next medication time through the display module on the pill box according to the preset time. The medication records are stored in the built-in memory of the IC card, and the medication records can be transmitted back to the hospital's remote health management system via wireless transmission technology, realizing the vision of telemedicine and cloud care.


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