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Leadpie, a handwritten electronic paper that can record sounds, doubled its efficiency

Publisher: Administrator    Date:2020-08-10

In the workplace, I believe that many people will use notebooks to record the main points of the meeting, but not every meeting you can get all the information. At this time, you can only ask if you want to review the spirit and key content of the meeting. Colleagues and leaders. Not to mention delaying work, in the long run, leaders will question our ability to work. Is there a way to record the spirit of the meeting as much as possible? Yes, the product we will introduce to you today is a leadpie electronic paper product specially created for creatives and white-collar workers.

One important reason why leadpie electronic paper can distinguish it from other products is that it can record sound to achieve the effect of word-sound synchronization. In daily meetings, whether it is a group meeting or a teleconference, you can follow the focus of the meeting. The information is recorded on the electronic ink screen, and at the same time, the key content is recorded through the electronic paper's own pickup. Or, at this moment, you are working on literary creation, and you have found inspiration in a short time, but the text is not enough to summarize it all, then you can record the picture and the sound through the leadpie electronic paper. So this is a very amazing feature.

Let's take a look at the writing habits of leadpie electronic paper. In fact, many people have a bias towards electronic paper, especially on writing pens. Most stylus pens are not designed well on the nib, even if they also use 4096 pressure sensitivity. Design, some stylus pen nib is too thick, the stroke is very hard, and the weight of the stylus is also heavy. But leadpie electronic paper is completely different. First of all, its pen tip is very thin. If we must have used a signature pen when we were young, the thickness of the signature pen must be different for each of us. The thinnest signature pen can reach 0.5mm and the smallest The thick signature pen can reach 1.2mm, and the two brush strokes have completely different writing feelings when writing. The author believes that the leadpie stylus has a finer tip design, which can produce a sense of pleasure when writing, with millisecond follow-up, and the good writing damping of the stylus and electronic paper, which is indeed the same as what we recorded on the notebook. the same. In addition, the entire stylus barrel is light and does not burden the user.

In addition, leadpie electronic paper is also compatible with PDF documents. It is not a problem if there are documents transferred, or there are contracts that need to be signed. At the same time, it also supports the document ending function, TXT files, JPEG files, EPUB files and the PDF files we just mentioned can all be opened. In terms of electronic paper, the compatibility is actually quite high.

Leadpie electronic paper has a large 9.7-inch screen. All the buttons are concentrated on the left hand side. This is also ergonomically designed. Generally speaking, we will adopt the habit of holding with the left hand and writing with the right hand. The buttons on the left are respectively Page up, page down, home page, and back functions. During the experience, I noticed one point in particular. Leadpie electronic paper is very good at ink memory erasing. After the screen is switched on traditional electronic paper, the screen still has a little bit of ink from the previous page, but leadpie electronic paper does it. It's very good and very clean.

For creative people, you can also use leadpie e-paper as a hand-painted board, and use the USB interface to connect to the computer, which means you are equivalent to buying a 2in1 product of e-paper + hand-painted board. You should know that the price of ordinary hand-painted boards outside is also thousands of dollars. In addition to this function, you can also project the leadpie electronic paper onto the large screen in the conference room for more convenient presentation. The 3900 mAh battery can also support you for a full 14 days of use.

Finally, I have to mention that leadpie electronic paper can also be connected to the Internet, enter the WeChat reading section, and download the original content you like on the Internet for reading. It is also a large-screen electronic paper book.


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